This page is for rules that get a lot of question during the season.

Clarifications will be made here.

As of July 1- Pro Mini

Tires may be doubled. No split/homemade  rims. No screwing tires to rim or studding. All wheel weights must be removed. Carry spare mud tires in case track conditions warrant.  Over aggressive drive tires may result in disqualification. Referee’s discretion Call ahead. NO triple side walls/flaps on drive tires.  Wheel centers/bead locks allowed if securely fastened.  Any style tire allowed.

Rusty or bent frames may be repaired with steel no thicker than factory and no longer or wider than 4”X4″ on 2 sides only. Max 8 repair plates with 3″ in between plates. Over repaired frames will be considered reinforced and will result in  or disqualification. Official’s discretion. No painting of frames except for the following. Frame repairs must be painted bright orange before arriving for derby event. All repairs to the frames must be reported to officials before inspection. If not –may result in disqualification. Trailer Hitch must be completely removed. No reinforcing cross members. NO FRAME SHORTENING. NO FRONT OR REAR KICKERS. NO FRAME TILTING  No hump plates on mini cars. No stuffing rear frames.. No welding frames to cross members or “K” frames.  

Suspension must remain stock can be solid without reinforcing the frame or suspension parts. It is recommended that rear coil be wired to differential. No spring blocks or added helpers. Gears may be welded.  Steering columns, drive shafts and rear sway arms may be altered but not reinforced. Ball joints, struts, control arms and steering linkage must remain stock. No coil spring cars converted to leafs springs. Rear ends can be swapped but not to reinforce car. NO welding on rear end except gears. MUST use stock mounting points.  Parts may be interchanged with stock style mini car parts-TIE RODS maybe reinforced with angle iron square tubing. A 3″ long square tube can be welded to the frame behind the front strut only. Must be 1/4″ away from the strut on a fresh car. Strut cylinder can be tack welded to gain solid suspension and ride height but not to reinforce the strut itself.  No reinforcing cross members. No truck rear ends. 5 lug rear ends only. STOCK AXLES. NO reinforcing any rear trailing arms or suspension unless proven bent or broke.

Appropriately sized car bumpers/re bars only.  Bumper shocks may be reinforced with flat bar or tubing to help keep bumpers on. May use re bars off full size cars, can not be any wider than the 2 front tires. Can be welded to the frame. Can do whatever you want 6″ on the end of the frame to keep the bumper on. Can use full size car bumper. Seems can be welded and insides loaded. Bumper ends can be bent in or cut off. Shocks and mounting brackets must be off the style of car you are running. No frame shortening. Bumpers can be hard nosed. NO GRAY AREAS. NO WELDING OR ADDING ANY STEEL TO HOLD BUMPER ON 6″ from the end of the frame. NO Gussets from the frame/body to the bumper. MUST be welded directly to the end of the frame. NEW RULE 2016- If you wish to run just a piece of square tubing instead of a bumper it cant be any wider than 50″ and be 4″X4″ and 1/2″ wall. All other rules apply to fasten it to the frame. Any wider than 50″ must be built as a bumper. Front bumper can be wired to hood in 4 places. Rear bumpers STOCK. No home made front point. Tube must be flat and car bumpers to have stock point. If using square tubing the ends MUST be cut on an angle and not have sharp ends. If you don’t understand this rule contact Greg for details.

Hoods are not mandatory. Without hood – use electric fan only – fans directly connected to motor must be removed. A 12” opening must be cut in the center of the hood. Hoods must remain open for officials’ inspection. Hood must be fastened down in maximum of 8 places including 3/4″ threaded rod or with seat belt strapping, wire, chain only, or bolted to fender. Hood latch should be removed. No welding hoods closed. Hoods/rad support can be wired to bumper in 4 places.   These spots will account for 2 of the 8 spots. No limit on 3/8 bolts in hood panel only. Hoods can have angle iron welded to the fender top and hood. Every bolt is considered a fastening spot. No larger than 2X2 angle. 3/4″ threaded rod in the rad support can be sleeved with max 1″ square tub and can be welded to the frame.  Front bumper can be wired to hood in 4 places


Stock Mini As of July 1


Trunk/tailgate  maybe fastened closed in MAX  6 locations each. If trunk is fastened closed a 15” square hole must be cut in center of trunk for officials’ inspection. Rear bumper can be wired to trunk is 4 places. No threaded rod in tailgate or trunk. No welding/bolting doors/hoods/trunks/gates closed.

Hoods are not mandatory. Without hood – use electric fan only – fans directly connected to motor must be removed. A 12” opening must be cut in the center of the hood. Hoods to be fastened in MAX 6 places using chain, strap, wire or belts. Hood may be bolted thru the rad support ONLY in 2 places with MAX 3/4″ bolts or rod. These bolts ARE NOT to extend past the rad support and count for 2 of the 6 places fastening hood closed.  Hoods must remain open for officials’ inspection. Hoods can be wired to the hood/rad support in 4 places.

STOCK mini car bumpers only.  Interchanging stock mini bumpers allowed. If car came with an aluminum/plastic bumper or rusty call for clarification on making a change.  STOCK mounting points. No full size bumpers or re bars. No truck or van bumpers or re bars. No front to rear swaps. New Rule July 1 2016. A 2″ wide 1/4″ thick metal strap can be welded 2″ onto the end of the frame across to 2″ of the top of the bumper to help hold it on. Front and rear bumper can be wired to hood/rad support or trunk in 4 spots each. These will count as hood/trunk tie downs. NO tubing in frame to hold bumper on.


FSSS Cars as of July 1


Steering/Suspension must be stock.  Movement must occur. It is recommended that rear coiled springs be wired to the differential. Rear end swaps are allowed. Must be same bolt pattern and rim size. Example. 1980 Crown Vic swapped into a 1993 crown vic. STOCK mounting points and brackets. No changing axle size. No alterations to the rear end. Example. You cant swap a 1974 Chevy rear end into a Ford or a Newer Chevy with different bolt pattern. If you have a question about this rule please contact Greg.