“Making an IMPACT at your Event”

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to this new and exciting company – IMPACT MOTORSPORTS.

Although the company may be new to the industry, the face and leader of this company has been serving fairs, exhibitions, festivals, stadiums and raceways throughout the world for almost 15 years.

I have produced, organized, managed and directed events in every province in Canada and many states across the U.S.A and the Middle East.

While traveling the world producing live events, I have achieved the same common goal – to produce a safe, fun event to fit into each client’s budget. From small town fairs in Ontario to one of the largest fairs in the world, the Alaska State Fair. At IMPACT we have what you need at a price that is affordable. Always creating each event with the client’s best interest in mind. At IMPACT MOTORSPORTS we can produce any event to suit your budget or needs with safety being our top priority, keeping both the competitors and spectators safe.

When your organization contracts IMPACT MOTORSPORTS to produce your event you can be assured that you will receive the highest level of professionalism in the entertainment industry. In all stages of planning and producing, IMPACT MOTORSPORTS will provide all the guidance and advice you will need for a successful show.

If you are interested in booking a demolition derby, FMX show, Monster trucks, SFX show, BMX show, Monster ride truck, demo cross, figure 8 racing, auto stunts or any other of our dozens of shows available to you, we only use the most professional services available to our company. Over the past several years I have established contacts all over the world using only the most professional talent the entertainment business has to offer. If you are looking for a flag crew for your demolition derby or a full scale professional Monster Truck show, IMPACT has it all!

We produce motorsport events, and also have the resources and contacts to be able to book other events such as, music acts, strolling acts, stage acts, circus acts and many others. We have stage lighting and sound for your event at our finger tips. If you are looking for an M.C. or event manager we can also provide these services as well. If you need it at your event IMPACT MOTORSPORTS can provide it.

With IMPACT MOTORSPORTS being owned and operated by one of the youngest, professional faces in the business, our company has ideas to keep your event ahead of the others while keeping in mind the great traditions of an “Old style fair”.

Let us, help you, “Make an IMPACT at your event”

Impact Demolition Derby

It’s a well known fact; demolition derbies are one of the largest draws for spectators at any fair across Canada. With IMPACT we can produce the demolition derby you need to have a successful event. If you’re looking for a professional flag crew to organize the event and referee your event or a FULL SERVICE SHOW including trophies, prize purse and announcer we have what you need. INSURED and PROFESSIONAL, IMPACT DEMOLITION DERBY is ready to bring total destruction to your event. Contact our office as we have the show to fit your budget.


Looking to bring your event above the rest? The high flying stunt acrobatics of our professional FMX team is what you need. Looking for filler entertainment with one of your existing events, you could have 2 riders and 1 ramp or a full grandstand show with 8 riders and 2 portable ramps? We have what you need. We can also provide riders to work everyday at your event working 3 to 4 20 minute shows daily. Let IMPACT bring you the event everyone is FLIPPING over!!

Monsters on a Mission

10,000 pounds and 1500 horse power, are the thunderous sounds of the Monster’s as they crush and destroy everything the IMPACT crew puts on the track. IMPACT can produce a monster truck show at your event with one truck as a filler or 10 trucks as a complete Monster Truck event. What ever your needs, IMPACT has the show for you….MONSTER STYLE!!

Stunt Thrill Acts

Bring in one of our many IMPACT thrill acts to your event. We have what you need from a filler stunt for one of your existing events or we can choreograph various different acts to make a full grandstand show. We have it all- cars rolling over, crashing in mid air or a full human body burn. We can bring in all the high action stunts that are always fan favourites. IMPACT can do it Hollywood style!

Demo Cross Racing

Brand new to the fair circuit, this is a full contact, demolition derby style of racing with jumps built into an oval track circuit. If you are looking at something new for your event, look no further. This is an EXCITING new event bringing the fans high energy action from start to finish. Cars can be built in 2 hours for this show and is open to cars, vans and pick up trucks. A very economical way to fill your grandstand with this great new show…..don’t miss out!!

Monster Ride Truck

Bring a real full sized MONSTER TRUCK to your event as one of the most popular attractions over the past several years. 10,000 pounds of rolling iron fitted with seats in the rear of the truck just waiting to entertain all the thrill seekers attending your event. At no cost to your fair, it will have people lined up wanting a ride on one of our BIG BOYS!!

Other Attractions

  • Lawn Mower Racing
  • BMX Thrill Act
  • Music Acts
  • 26 foot tall Transformers
  • Quad Racing
  • Tuff Truck Racing
  • Back Hoe Rodeo
  • ATV Challenge
  • Car Eating Robots
  • Circus Acts
  • Strolling Acts
  • Lawn Mower Demolition Derby
  • Figure 8 racing
  • Roll Over Competition
  • Globe of Death
  • Sound, Stage and Lights
  • M.C. and Announcer

What the fairs are saying

 In regards to working withGreg Johnson, I am always impressed with his professionalism. I would recommend him as promoter and organizer of demo derby’s as well as any other motorsportsevent. Without question, Greg is one of the better people I have had the pleasure of working with and one of the most professional in this field.
Scott Davies
Director Wainfleet Agricultural Fair


 With having Greg Johnson and his IMPACT team at our fair to officiate our demolition derby, Stirling has become one of the safest and most enjoyable events to watch and participate in. Having Greg’s knowledge and professionalism for the sport it has made my job a lot easier… We look forward in using his services for many years to come.  If you are looking for someone to promote your event, I strongly suggest you should contact Greg at IMPACT Motorsports!

Paula Grills
Stirling Fair Director
The Gloucester Agricultural Society contracted IMPACT Motorsports to provide their Monster Truck and Demo Derby attractions for our 2010 event.
We were extremely pleased withthis decision as both shows were exciting and crowd pleasers. IMPACT Motorsports were Professional and executed all terms of the contract. Greg Johnson and his crew were conscientious and a pleasure towork with. Greg was on site constantly and easy to contact before, during and after the event. The required insurance coverage was provided and safety was always a priority.
IMPACT Motorsports will be our first choice for 2011 and we would definitely recommend their services for your event.
Board of Director
Gloucester Agricultural Society
IMPACT Motorsports successfully hosted 2 demolition derbies at our 156thLindsay Central Ex and I am please to say that both were a smashing success.
I would not hesitate to recommend the IMPACT Motorsports if you are considering them for your event. 
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 
Andy Letham
Lindsay Agricultural Society
On behalf of the Gooderham Horseshoe Days Committee I would like to thank the IMPACT Motorsportsteam for a wonderful job with the organization of the demo derby at our event.
The demo derby has always been the main attraction of our event and when the committee decided to seek the assistance of another company the professionalism and courtesy extended to us really sold us on IMPACT Motorsports.
Greg, you were always helpful to us and when we hit some stumbling block with us to find a resolve. Your staff were kind, courteous and knowledgeable and welcoming to all the participants.
IMPACT Motorsportsput on a great show for our spectators as well, 2010 was a success. The committee looks forward to the opportunity of working with IMPACT again in 2011!

Tracy Evans

Gooderham Horseshow Day Commette Member


What the drivers are saying


With 24yrs of demolition derby experience under my belt I can confidently say that Greg conducts himself with great professionalism during Tech, Drivers Meetings and on the Blocks as the Ref/Flagman.”
“Greg’s experience as a derby car builder and driver definitely shows throughout an event.confident and informative while conducting the drivers meeting, he makes fair decisions regarding car building/tech issues and flags an event fairly with the drivers point of view in mind.”
“Greg knows that we ARE the Show… He appreciates our attendance and treats us in a respectful manner that keeps us coming back.”

Reg Bonneau #47

Grimsby Ontario


I drove my first derby in 2010 and I must say dealing with the crew from IMPACT made it a very enjoyable time. They were easy to contact while we were building the car to answer our tech questions.

Joe Jackson #331

Wainfleet Ontario



I just wanted to say thank you! You and everyone at impact have done great! its good to see someone local do so much for this community. This was my first derby ive ever been in and it wont be my last. Even with the cold weather I had a blast. keep it up!

Thank you

Chuck Courtous
Lindsay Fall Brawl


Hey Greg, awesome show today, sad, but the first one I was actually able to make it to this year, and I’m glad we did. I miss driving, but my back and the fact that I have a 7 year old, kind of keeps me out of the ring these days..so….now I play the spectator sport now. I only saw maybe one last year, and about the same the year before, and to be quite honest, haven’t been interested in even watching them anymore, and I’ve always been a die hard, if I wasn’t driving, I was watching. Greg, I have to say, great job, you are bringing it back to life again, and congratulations on the numbers today!!! Anyway, I’ve been long winded enough, so have a good one, and again, AWESOME job Greg!!!
Victoria Craig
Lindsay Derby Fan


 I had the chance on the weekend to see one of Greg Johnsons shows (lindsay Fall Brawl ). It takes alot to impress me after seeing hundreds of shows. They all are very similar in production.
 Impacts show was one of the most professional and well organized shows Ive seen. They had roughly 110 cars and trucks show up , which as you know can be hard enough to keep organized. I saw Greg oversee everything right down to the parking. The organization of the show was outstanding .The crowd turnout was amazing especially for zero degrees. The stands were full. His Tech Crew were very thorough, not just looking for one single item of interest, and when they werent sure , they asked. I dont believe they have any fear of sending someone home due to an unfair car, which we have seen to many times afraid to hurt car count so let stuff slide. Which hurts car count down the road.
Greg was on top of the show moving very efficiant. As fast as the heat was over ,cars were removed put just outside the ring .The next heat was pulled in and then the cars that had just been towed out were taken to the pits. This kept the crowd there and interested.
Greg has devised a pink flag for sandbaggers and he didnt need to use it , but I dont think he would have hesitated. I love the stick idea as most of us have seen it in the states. You break your stick off when your out. That again gets the crowd excited. I love the last hit is the winner rule. We as drivers have always said the crowd does not understand the last car running and it makes for a better finish. If Im almost out of car and get the chance for one last hard hit and not care if I stall, boy it would make for a better finish to a show , and more fun for a driver.  It really sucks to make an arena shot stall and the other guy or sandbagger wins.  All of these changes in the right direction show from his years of driving , being a spectator and being involved.
It was amazing to see 110 cars and the stands full in November zero degrees. It would not have been possible without Impacts staff and Greg.  His interaction with the crowd was amazing and the respect of the drivers was of the highest. I wish the fairboards from all over had of attended this small town show to see the quality. I look forward to running some of Impacts shows next year and giving him the support he deserves. 
Greg Willson #11
Greg, Yvette,and the entire staff at impact motorsports, thank you for giving us one awsome derby (fall brawl) to close out the year. Out of all the events i attended this year it was one of the best ran, teched and flagged, i am proud to say i was a part of it .
Doug Medlyn 503
Contact us today for more information on what IMPACT MOTORSPORTS will do for your event. We can provide a professional quote at no cost or obligation to your organization.

With Thanks,

Greg Johnson

Owner/Director of Operations