E transfer payments for drivers that don’t live in the area. If you live in the direct area they prefer you still go into the office and pay with cash as it’s easier to them paywork wise. is the email to send payment.
Make your security question: Fair Name
Answer: Lindsay
Make sure you include the driver’s name and which class you are sending money for.
If you don’t send it properly with all the info they will ignore the transfer and you won’t have a spot.

Wed Sept 20th

Start time 730PM

Sign in and tech opens at 5PM

Demo cross racing heats and feature,

Special heat for youth class. MUST have their guardian riding passenger. This is a one and done heat. Cars maybe re entered into the regular racing. Opens to drivers 14-15-16 years of age. 100% payback

Entry fee $60 for both adult and youth class

Racing will consist of qualifying heats. Also an A, B feature will run. Cars not qualifying for features can run the free for all round at the end of the night.

Regular racing is open to passengers.

Fee for a passenger is $10

Lindsay Exhibition

Limited Entries-40

Subject to change