Sunday Sept 24th
E transfer payments for drivers that don’t live in the area. If you live in the direct area they prefer you still go into the office and pay with cash as it’s easier to them paywork wise. is the email to send payment.
Make your security question: Fair Name
Answer: Lindsay
Make sure you include the driver’s name and which class you are sending money for.
If you don’t send it properly with all the info they will ignore the transfer and you won’t have a spot.
Start time 6PM
Tech and sign in opens at 3PM
Power wheels- Ages 4-10. $10 Entry limited to 15 spots.
Full size trucks- $60 entry- One and Done Limited to 16 Entries
Pro Stock Entry fee $70- One and done
Figure 8 Racing-$60 Entry- Limited to 16 entries- Winner only to the feature.
FSSS- $60 entry- One and done Limited to 16 Entries
Youth Heat- Pro mini rules. $60 entry- 100% payback- One and Done- Ages 14-15-16
Stock Mini. $70 Entry $1000 to win based on 15 entries. This is a one and done heat. Maximum of 20 entries.
There is NO Pro Mini at this event.
Subject to change