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Youth Mini Smash 1st Place – Vanessa Traynor #247, Lindsay 2nd Place – Colton Nesbitt #6644,Cameron 3rd Place – Dalton Fegan #717, Lindsay Couples FSSS 1st Place – Kendra Miller #227/Greg Miller #BFO, Port Hope 2nd Place – Shannon Porter/Matt McCarrell #120 1/2, Ancaster 3rd Place – Amanda Doble #333/ Derek Strachan #318, Manilla Figure […]

Fall Brawl 2014

Youth Mini Smash Feature 1st Place – Dylan Riley #45, Port Hope 2nd Place – Patrick Moore #7, Port Hope 3rd Place – Blair McGlashan #10-4, Udora Couples FSSS Feature 1st Place – Jenn Toffoli/Greg Willson #11, Hamilton 2nd Place – Marilyn Lockwood/Jacob Lockwood #6419, Lindsay 3rd Place – Kirsten Driscoll/Nate Phillips #412, Havelock SS […]

Fall Brawl Updates

2014 FALL BRAWL- There will be a tech session on the Friday night (Oct 24) between 4-7PM. Vehicles will be left on the grounds secured by IMPACT staff after this tech session. Tech/Sign in will open Sat morning at 7:30AM. Cars will have 3 chances thru tech to alter the infractions on their vehicles. There […]